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Addicted To Murder: Tainted Blood
AKA: Addicted To Murder 2

USA, 1998, Farbe 80 min
Regie: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Drehbuch Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Musik: Alucarda / Steve Maruzzelli / Hector Milia
Kamera: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Sasha Graham Angie Karnstein
Mick McCleery Joel Winter
Sarah K. Lippmann Tricia
Ted Grayson Jonathan
Robbi Firestone Jackie
Cloud Michaels Karen

New York City is one of the prime breeding grounds for the vampire, a creature that is very selective in whom it chooses to bestow the gift of eternal life. Among the candidates are the twenty-something Tricia, who desires to experience any life but her own; Jonathan, a young vampire with an attitude problem; and, of course, a few serial killer types like Joel Winter, who search for something beyond their psychopathic lives...
But there's one problem - a rogue vampire who is turning people who aren't worthy of "The Gift" - and it's up to Angie Karnstein to find her sister and put an end to these creatures with the tainted blood...

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