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Lake of Dracula   (OT: Noroi no yakata: Chi o suu me)
AKA: Bloodsucking Eyes, Bloodthirsty Eyes, Dracula's Lust for Blood, Japula, Lake of Death, Noroi no yakata-chi wo suu

Japan, 1971, Farbe, 82min
Regie: Michio Yamamoto
Produzenten: Fumio Tanaka
Drehbuch El Ogawa und Masaru Takesue
Musik: Riichiro Manabe
Kamera: Rokuro Nishigaki
Mori Kishida  
Midori Fujita Akiko
Osahide Takahashi Saeki
Sanae Emi  
Shuji Otaki  
Tadao Fumi  
Wataru Omae  

A delivery truck pulls up, the driver steps out, then removes the cargo: a coffin. Adressed to you.

Do you accept it? (Think carefully. There is a right answer!) Let's say you don't do the right thing. You accept the shipment, perhaps thinking it's the two-in-one exercise machin and weed whacker you ordered in a moment of couch-potato weakness. Then, after the delivery truck is long gone, you realize the box is a coffin. Do you nevertheless OPEN IT?

The mysteriously delivered coffin is opened in Lake of Dracula. And, of course, it belongs to an heir of you-know-who. The Evil Count has extended his bloodline all the way to Japan, giving midnight rise to new creatures of the night...and to a new legacy of terror.

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