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Legacy of Dracula      (OT: Yureiyashiki No Kyofu: Chi O Suu Ningyoo)

AKA: Bloodsucking Doll, Chi O Suu Ningyoo, Fear Of The Ghost House: Bloodsucking Doll, The Ghost Mansion's Horror: A Bloodsucking Doll, The Night Of The Vampire, The Vampire Doll

Japan, 1970, Farbe, 71 Minuten
Regie: Michio Yamamoto
Produzent: Toho
Drehbuch: Ei Ogawa / Hiroshi Nagano
Kamera: Kazutami Hara
Musik: Riichiro Manabe
Atsuo Nakamura Kazuhiko Sagawa
Yukiko Kobayshi Yuko Nonomura
Yoko Minakaze Shido Nonomura, the Mother
Kayo Matsuo Keiko Sagawa
Akira Nakao Hiroshi Takagi

After being told of the recent demise of his girlfriend Yuko Nonomura, Kazuhiko Sagawa visits her grave. He is shocked by what he finds there.
On his subsequent disappearance, his sister Keiko, and her boyfriend Hiroshi follow his tracks to Yuko's creepy ancestral home. Here they are given an icy welcome by Yuko's mother.
Despite coming up against supernatural horrors, Keiko refuses to give up on her brother. It is ultimately her visit to the nearby town that reveals the gruesome details of the Nonomura family's history. With it comes the dawning realisation to Keiko that her life, maybe even her soul, is in mortal danger from the deadly secret of the Vampire Doll.

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