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Malenka   (OT: Malanka - la nipote del Vampiro)
AKA's: Bloody Girl, Fangs of the Living Dead, Malenka la risposta del vampiro, Malenka the Vampire
Malenka: la sobrina del vampiro, La Nipote del vampiro, The Niece of the Vampire, The Vampire's Niece

Spanien/Italien, 1968, Farbe, 90 min
Regie: Armando de Ossario
Drehbuch: Amando de Ossorio
Anita Ekberg Malenka/Sylvia Morel
Gianni Medici Dr. Pietro Lufuani (als John Hamilton)
Diana Lorys Bertha Zemis
Rosanna Yanni Freya Zemis
César Benet Max (als Guy Roberts)
Carlos Casaravilla Dr. Horbringer

In this low-budget effort, Julian Ugarte stars as a vampire who is lord of a castle inherited by his niece Silvia (Anita Ekberg). He tells her that she is the reincarnation of a nun named Malenka, who was accused of witchcraft years earlier and burned at the stake by the villagers. Silvia becomes distraught by this information and breaks up with her fiancée. It is soon discovered that Ugarte tricked her in order to make her renounce her inheritance. A bizarre film littered with over-blown performances bordering on parody. The first genre film directed by Amando de Ossorio, best known for his inspired “Blind Dead” films. Also stars John Hamilton and Diana Lorys. (1968) In English

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