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Vampire vs. Vampire    (OT: Yi Mei Dao Ren)
AKA's: New Mr. Vampire 2, One-Eyebrow Priest

Hongkong, 1989, Farbe, 83 min

Regie: Lam Ching Ying
Drehbuch: Sam Chi Leung, Chan Kam Cheung, Shut Mei Yee
Produzent: Choi Lan
Musik: The Melody Bank
Kamera: Cho On-sun
Lam Ching-ying Taoist
Chin Siu-ho Ho
Lui Fong Fong
Sandra Ng Kwun-yu Captain's Kusine
Billy Lau Nam-kwong Captain
Maria Cordero Mutter Oberin
Lam Jing-wang

The Chinese exorcist is One-Eyebrow Priest. He leads a peaceful life in hermitage with his two bungling students and the mini-vampire. One day a ghost ship comes to the village and the priest is asked to catch the ghosts. He meets Sister Maria and her beautiful assistants. Life is no longer peaceful. The water becomes polluted. The priest discovers the pollutant to be a European vampire who is aided by a dead countess. The priest's Chinese exorcism fails miserably...

Dieser Film liegt uns bereits vor. Leider sind wir noch nicht dazu gekommen, ihn uns anzusehen und ein Review zu schreiben.

Bitte habt noch ein wenig Geduld!

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