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Addicted to murder

USA, 1995, Farbe, 90 min
Regie: Kevin J. Lindenmuth
Produzenten: Kevin Lindenmuth
Drehbuch Kevin Lindenmuth, Tom Piccirilli
Musik: Steve Maruzzelli & Hector Milia
Kamera: Kevin Lindenmuth
Mick McCleery Joel Winter
Sasha Graham Angie
Laura McLauchlin Rachel
Jolee Becker Allison
Candice Meade Sabrina
Bernadette Pauley Kathy Winter

Addicted to Murder is a gore drenched nightmare of psycho supernatural sex and urban alienation. Like Martin Scorsese directing a screenplay by George A. Romero.

Joel Winter has always had a problem with sex: ask his mother. The problem is Joel keeps murdering the girls he has sex with. He knows he has a problem, but where does a serial killer go for help?

As serial killers go Joel is lucky. He has got someone to talk to, his lover, Rachel, Unfortunalely Rachel is a vampire. Of course, like every couple they have their problems... Rachel longs to be human and die, Joel longs to kill and mutilate beautiful girls. They find a near perfect solution in a gruesomely fulfilling compromise.

Life for Joel has never been better. But when Rachel leaves unexpexctedly his torment begins once more... Until, that is, he finds Angie, an alluring succubus and proud of it. Together they embark on a hunger driven spree of bloodlust and copulation.

Joel begins to change. As his hunger increases so does his disgust for the lifestyle he's adopted... He realises that the myth makers got it wrong... Vampires do not feed off innocent virtue,it is the darkside of human nature they relish.

Joel decides he's had enouth of love affairs with the undead. But how do you kick a habit that lasts longer than a lifetime.

Kevin LIndenmuth has created adisturbingly familiar universe, forbidding and desperate, where vampires survive unnoticed along side the low lifes of New York City's urban underbelly.

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