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Mr. Vampire 2            (OT: Geung Shut Ga Chuk )

Hong Kong, 1986, Farbe, 90 min
Regie Ricky Lau
Drehbuch Barry Wong Ping-Yiu, Wu Ma
Kamera Arthur Wong Ngok Tai, Peter Ngor Chi-Kwan, Andrew Lau Wai-Keung, Chang Wai Kei
Musik Melody Bank
Yuen Biao Jen
Lam Ching Ying Lam Ching Ying
Chung Faat Professor Kwok
Moon Lee Choi Fung Gigi
Billy Lau Nam-Kwong Chicken

Mr. Vampire, Ricky Lau, 1985
Mr. Vampire 2, Ricky Lau, 1986
Mr. Vampire 3, Ricky Lau, 1987
Mr. Vampire Saga 4, Ricky Lau, 1988
Mr. Vampire 5, Tung Wai , 1990

Antique dealer Caves Kowk roams the countryside with his two assistants searching for rate objects. One day they fall into the cellar of a shrine. There they find three vampires, all rendered harmless by talismans. Kwok takes Sonny Vampire to town, but when the talisman is moved accidentally, the vampire escapes. His two assistants, meanwhile, are killed by Papa Vampire and Mama Vampire when the talismans fall off. Coroner Dr. Lam diagnoses vampiritis the cause of the twain's death. The good doctor also uses the traditional glutinous rice and sap ink to subdue the two assistants who also become vampires. Dr. Lam's friend, reporter Ha, is finally convinced by the doctor's accounts when more poeple are killed and develop vampiritis. He decides to help stop the vampires.

Dieser Film liegt uns bereits vor. Leider sind wir noch nicht dazu gekommen, ihn uns anzusehen und ein Review zu schreiben.

Bitte habt noch ein wenig Geduld!

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