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Mr. Vampire 3            (OT: Ling Huan Xian Sheng )
AKA's: Mr. Vampire et les Demons de l'Enfer

Hong Kong, 1987, Farbe, 94 min
Regie Ricky Lau
Drehbuch Szeto Cheuk-Hon, Lo Wing Keung
Kamera Andrew Lau Wai-Keung
Musik Andress Nelsson
Richard Ng Yiu-Hon Mao Ming,
Lam Ching Ying Master Ko
Wong Yuk Waan Devil Lady
Lui Fong Ta Pao
Billy Lau Nam-Kwong Chiang
Sammo Hung Kam Bo Hung

Mr. Vampire, Ricky Lau, 1985
Mr. Vampire 2, Ricky Lau, 1986
Mr. Vampire 3, Ricky Lau, 1987
Mr. Vampire Saga 4, Ricky Lau, 1988
Mr. Vampire 5, Tung Wai , 1990

The first to come to town is the Gang, headed by the WItch. The Gang is ambushed, resulting in the death of 5 girls and the capture of two robbers. The next to come to town is the Taoist Conman with his ghost of a cousin, the Imp. The police chief orders him out.
As there is reward over the robber's head, the Conman tried to kidnap them but is foiled.
The police chief has a rough time with the Imp. So he asks his teacher the Priest for help. The Priest Imprisons the Imp but releases him later.
The chief chases the Imp who somehow gets into the corpse of a Gang girl. The Witch joins the chase. The Priest has to imprison the Imp in the gourd again...

Dieser Film liegt uns bereits vor. Leider sind wir noch nicht dazu gekommen, ihn uns anzusehen und ein Review zu schreiben.

Bitte habt noch ein wenig Geduld!

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